Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.How to adjust the display when browsing the web font size?

    IE4.0, you can select in the menu "View (View)" in the "Fonts (Fonts)" to select the font size you need.

    IE5.0 and above in the menu you can select "View (View)" in the "Text Size (Text Fonts)" to select the font size you need.

    FireFox, you can select in the menu "View" in the "Zoom" and "zoom in, zoom out" to select the font size of your current page.

  • 2.This page shows how to do when there is garbled?

    While surfing the web, such as garbled, available the following solution:

    IE5.X: In the menu, select "View (View)" in the "encoding (Encoding)", then select "Simplified Chinese (Simplified Chinese) GB2312".

  • 3.Why sometimes page will not open?

    If you access the Internet through the LAN, as the LAN bandwidth limit exports leading to the outside, connecting sites timeout error will occur when connections are not the issue.

    If you have dial-up Internet access through a telephone line, due to the connection bandwidth reasons, it will not connect problem occurs.

    If you encounter this problem do not be surprised, sometimes you only need to refresh the line, and sometimes require you to another time and then on.

  • 4.IE sometimes not displayed properly on how to deal?

    You will need to re-install IE can solve problems