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  • Applications field:

    The uncooled infrared detector can help you to enhance drivers’ night vision, improve strategic building surveillance, and help soldiers locate targets faster and more accurately, and so on.

  • Military:

    Many countries are upgrading their armies’ equipment to maintain military superiority in times of geopolitical instability. To an increasing extent, infrared technology is an important differentiator. A key advantage at night or in low-visibility conditions, infrared imaging enhances target acquisition during ground-based, tactical, and strategic surveillance.

  • Firefighting:

    Infrared cameras are the single most reliable source of information for search and rescue operations. Thermal imaging technology has matured and today enables camera manufacturers to offer a range of easy-to-use products that meet the demand for cost-effectiveness and performance.

  • Thermography:

    GuangWei thermography solutions meet the requirements of predictive mechanical and electric maintenance, building insulation, and industrial process control applications.

  • Surveillance & security:

    Video surveillance is crucial to protecting people and property. And yet, daytime security cameras do not provide adequate surveillance at night—when it is most critical. What is more, installing additional lighting is often impractical.

    Advances in thermal imaging technology have made today’s security cameras efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. There is no reason not to make night-time video surveillance a part of your security strategy.

  • Transportation:

    Thermal imaging technology uses the heat that is naturally radiated by pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and other roadside obstacles to produce images, even at night and in bad weather. This technology can significantly improve drivers’ vision—and that means safer roads for everyone.